Get Hot Date Nails!

See reader tips below to get the hottest nails for a romantic evening with your guy!

"At least an hour and a half before a date, I cut, file, and coat my nails with a clear nail polish. It takes the whole time for them to dry completely." --Amanda, 15, Ware, MA

"I usually go for the simple colored French tips. Red is a popular choice for me, and I like to paint little hearts on my ring finger as well. Sometimes I put white dots around the tip. It's simple and playful!" --Mandy, 17, Walnut, WA

"You don't want to come across as being too high maintenance, and guys don't notice nails all that much. As long as they are clean, you're good to go!" --Preeya, 19, Orlando, FL

"I always have my nails done in a French manicure before any kind of event -- it's simple yet elegant, and will always match." --Caitlin, 14, Telferner, TX

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