Getting waisted: A deep appreciation of the all things high-waisted


I wore an old pair of low-waisted jeans on Sunday and was immediately reminded of their sartorial horror--of the years of sitting with my underwear (and worse) sticking out, desperately trying to make my cotton tees stretch just one more inch over my flesh. It made me feel so grateful for the high-waisted trend, for clothing that makes one feel pulled in and snug. So grateful, in fact, that I want to go even higher--perhaps with skirts that rise up to just below my chest. Picture_6 I remember trying this before, in like eighth grade, and it being a slight disaster, but I'm confident I'd do better this time. The first item IPicture_8 found on eBay was this cashmere piece from Alexander Wang, which I think would basically be like a comfy sweater for your rear. I also like this sexy, structured look by Tsubi, and wouldn't this shimmery brocade skirt look pretty at a holiday party?

An elevated rise look so cool, but you need a super-precise fit to ensure that they flatter your figure. Here how to get it!

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