This Gorgeous Gown is Made from … Speedos?

One glance at this stunning floor-length gown and you'd never guess it was made entirely of … of all things … Speedos. Yes, Speedos, those banana hammocks favored by beachgoing out-of-shape older men and western Europeans who've yet to catch the boardshorts wave, are behind this glorious creation. And, clearly, this dress from the sustainable fashion label, From Somewhere, is everything Speedos aren't -- really, really gorgeous and all kinds of awesome.

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"It's about the environment and preserving water, which should be a priority for all humankind," said dress designer Orsola de Castro. The idea of high fashion with a message of sustainability is pretty cool, but let's be real -- it's hard to get right. Often times these recycled dresses made out of duct tape or trash bags can be major hot messes.

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So in honor of this fabulous Speedo dress, we've rounded up some other recycled fashions that are equally fashionable and fabulous:

Computer Wire Dress:

So that's what the inside of our MacBook Pro looks like.

Newspaper Dress:

This runway gown is made out of hundreds of pages from the Financial Times. Who knew finance could be so glamorous?

Capri Sun Dress:

Remember how hard it was to pierce that straw into the Capri Sun pouch? We're obsessed with this alternate use for the classic cafeteria drink.

What do you think? Which recycled dress is your favorite?

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