Got Acne? Try Niapads!

Stress and negative emotions can affect the immune system, increase inflammation and even increase the amount of physical pain a person feels. There are plenty of ways to short-circuit these harmful effects of stress. The simple way is physical exercise, which not only releases the feel-good neurotransmitters called endorphins, but also helps use up excess cortisol and adrenaline.

Many experts also recommend getting plenty of sleep, eating regular, balanced meals and keeping up social connections - all things that people tend to forgo in times of stress.

Stress Acne and Adult acne is on the rise. Underlying cause is the same - hormonal changes, acne vulgaris, clogged skin pores, excessive secretion causing oily skin.

There are several treatments available - OTC, herbal prescription. Some are cumbersome, ineffective while others have serious side-effects. Research has shown that Nicotinamide (aka Vit B3), applied topically is more effective than antibiotics like Clindamycin.

If you are looking for a simple regimen that gets rid of acne causes, visit Niapads - nicotinamide acne pads. Nicotinamide is also known as Vitamin B3 or Niacinamide. Niapads is applied topically.

Niapads is a one simple process for exfoliation, opening clogged skin pores and getting rid of acne bacteria. Contains Lavender oil - well known antibacterial and moisturizer.