Gwyneth Paltrow Joins Instagram

Julie Miller

Gwyneth Paltrow, Instagram userGwyneth Paltrow, Instagram userGwyneth Paltrow-model actress/mother/mildly-out-of-touch-advice dispenser-has joined the unwashed photo-sharing app of the masses, Instagram. Claiming the "gwynethpaltrow" account, the Goop mastermind has already posted an inaugural Instagram of herself and designer Jason Wu.

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To date, she has accumulated more than 7,000 followers, who are presumably eager for a carefully curated glimpse inside Paltrow's picture-perfect domicile(s). (For now, they will have to settle for a hair-obscuring selfie, but she is learning!)

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When she is not on Instagram, we can still find Paltrow on Twitter, on Goop, and in at least one sex-addiction comedy in theaters now.

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