Handbags (and um pets) are not immune to plastic surgery pressure

That's it society, we've officially gone too far. It's sad enough that half of the western world feels the need to plump and re-sculpt, but please, let's not project this onto our purses. Super high-end handbag company Zagliani justifies its crazy high prices by injecting their goods with silicone. Lest you think this is some kind of joke, you can see for yourself in the product descriptions of the bags that are currently being sold at Saks Fifth Avenue. For example, this sporty little Crocodile Puffy Satchel number priced at a demure $11, 800 (why, that's more than I said I'd pay to get rid of my adult acne!) is described thusly:

Gentle pleating adds textural interest to this generously sized frame bag, exquisitely crafted of exotic crocodile. Designed by dermatologist Mauro Orietti-Carella, the snakeskin has been injected with silicone for the most buttery-soft, luxurious feel.--Saks

Um, I'm sorry to break it to you Dr. Cray Cray, but just because you've injected this bag with the same crap Lara Flynn Boyle has in her lips does not make me want to sell my first born on the black market in order to get my hands on it. Besides, I think launching an insanely priced line of bags is kind of nuts during a recession year. Injecting bags with silicone is so over the top conspicuous consumption, no? Wow, next thing you know, freaks are gonna start giving their designer dogs face lifts. Oh, my bad, this Brazilian guy actually does that procedure. SICK!

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