So This Happened...It's Dress as Your Favorite Chimney Sweep Day!

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Happy National Chimney Sweep Day! (Don't tell me you forgot again, Dick Van Dyke.) If you live anywhere near Rochester, England, May 7 is all kinds of special. For 400 years, town has played host to a festival honoring those hard-working soot cleaners so fondly stereotyped in technicolor in the 1960s. It's a chance to show sweeper pride, haul out a big bristle brush, rub charcoal on your face and say the word 'guvnah!' like it means something. It's also a chance to remind people that chimney sweeps wore awesome hats. (See festival participant and lovechild of Mary Poppins and Bert, above). Take note, hipsters and Ashlee Simpson. The top hat is the new fedora.