Happy Birthday to Hair Goddess Jennifer Aniston

by Catherine Q. O'Neill

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It's Jennifer Aniston's 45th birthday today and--as someone who took a picture of her to my stylist for seven straight years--I'd like to say thanks. For the long layers, the subtle golden highlights, and most importantly, the carefree, California-girl attitude (though, looking back on junior high photos, maybe not "The Rachel").

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And though I'm sure her stylist Chris McMillan has a lot to do with it, it's Aniston herself who makes the looks so iconic. Case in point: When I sat down with Aniston to discuss her beauty evolution (see all the photos here), she made a comment I'll never forget. Referencing her adorable Oscars braided hairline below (you know, the one that launched a thousand copycats in 2009?) she said, "I got shit for that darn braid, didn't I? That it was too casual for the Oscars. But who cares? I loved it." And that's what we love about you, Aniston. Happy birthday.

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