Happy St. Patrick's Day! 3 (Better) Ways to Celebrate

As a lass of Irish heritage, I get tired of the fact that St. Paddy's seems to revolve around green beer and, in more extreme cases, um, puking. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't be Irish if I didn't enjoy me Guinness now and then (I'll skip the food coloring, thankyouverymuch), but there's so much more to the culture, like Yeats and Joyce. (And corned beef and cabbage.)

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Here are three alternative ways to celebrate the beauty of green today:

Eat a handful of pistachios:
It's well-documented that the jade-colored nut can lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation, provide antioxidants and, compared to most nuts, are low in fat and calories. But a surprising new study also found that when it comes to weight management, they're your best bet. Why? Having to shell them slows your consumption time. Huh.

Treat yourself to a face mask:
Whenever Allure researches a story about cult-favorite beauty products, one name is guaranteed to come up: Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque. It's a refreshing, pore-shrinking miracle that costs a mere $4 at drugstores.

Win an organic cotton t-shirt:

We truly appreciate all the simple, helpful hints The Daily Green regularly serves up on how to be more environmentally responsible. Friend them on Facebook today to have a chance to win a super soft, eco-friendly tee. (While you're there, add us!) Erin go bragh!

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