Hello, Yellow! 7 Ways to Wear Yellow Skinny Jeans

7 Ways to Wear Yellow Skinny Jeans7 Ways to Wear Yellow Skinny JeansFirst it was the red skinnies. Bold! Exciting! Then came green. Green was ... different ... but then, also, genius! Green goes with everything! Then pink. Cobalt, Purple. Yes! I loved them all! But wait: yellow jeans?

I know what you're thinking. Yellow takes some chutzpah. Yellow is bright. Yellow is difficult. For instance: Can you pair yellow with black without looking like a bumble bee? What about red? McDonald's much?

I had these same thoughts. And now, as a yellow skinnies convert, I'm here to tell you to come into the yellow pants light. Here are 7 ways to wear yellow skinny jeans.

With dark colors With dark colors 1. With dark colors

I know, it makes the most sense to stay light with such a bright color, but actually, a dark and brooding counterpoint is just what your yellow skinnies are begging for!

With Converse sneakers With Converse sneakers 2. With Converse sneakers
Seriously, what doesn't go with Converse sneakers? Pair yellow skinny jeans with neutral kicks or an equally bright pair.

With button-down shirtsWith button-down shirts3. With button-down shirts
A casual buttond-down shirt takes bold yellow jeans from statement-making to quietly, softly perfect. Well done!

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With killer heels With killer heels 4. With killer heels
There's nothing like a spiky pair of shoes to offset the cheeriness of that yellow color.

With boho accessories With boho accessories 5. With boho accessories
Pair yellow jeans with boho beaded accessories or airy peasant blouses for a sexy Earth-goddess look.

With deep plumWith deep plum6. With deep plum
These colors looks amazing together. Plum looks great with every skin tone and makes the yellow sophisticated, instead of loud.

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With stripesWith stripes7. With stripes
We've covered this. EVERYTHING looks good with stripes. I especially love blue stripes with yellow jeans.

- By Natalie Holbrook
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