Help! I Can't Primp Surrounded By My In-Laws

This year is a first: my future in-laws are coming to our apartment for Christmas. Which I'm very nervous, er--excited, about, except for one thing ... we only have one bathroom. Yep, one bathroom for four adults, and a few other guests who will be stopping by during the day.

Nevermind the fact that we'll need a timetable for morning showers, how the heck am I going to pluck my eyebrows (not to mention the stray upper lip hairs -- come on, you know you get them too, that's why there's this guide to getting rid of them), clip my nails, even apply makeup and style my hair with any kind of privacy?

I'd rather not run into my future father-in-law in my pajamas with morning breath and my hair sticking out every which way, so I'm reaching out to you lovely ladies for help. Do I just set the alarm ridiculously early so I can primp in peace? Suck it up and accept that they might see me with my amazing-but-hideous-looking acne spot treatment on? Anyone else in my situation?

Also, total side bar: If I do manage to get the mirror to myself for a few minutes, which of these hairstyles do you think is best for Christmas dinner? I'm leaning toward this one but I'd love your opinion.

If you need a little help looking your best this holiday season, check out:

Happy Holidays!

P.S. For those of you that first read that title as "I Can't Pimp Surrounded By My Family," get your minds out of the gutter. :)