Here Are the Absolute Prettiest Pictures from Fashion Week

Photo by: Nina Westervelt/MCV Photo
Beamed down from Creatures of the Wind.
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Wed, Feb 13, 2013 6:34 PM EST
By The Editors at Refinery29

Sure, fashion shows may only last five minutes, but with dozens of people invested in making sure that the millions of dollars at stake don't slip away, you're pretty much guaranteed that those five minutes are some of the most beautiful you'll ever experience.

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While the looks at New York Fashion Week were definitely the most commercial we've seen in years, there were a few intrepid dreamers who pushed the limits to create truly fantastical fashion and beauty creations that left us blinking. Compound that with our staff of talented photographers, and you're left with photos that'll make you feel like you got knocked over the head with a stiletto. Now, without further ado - lights, camera, fashion!

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