History's Ugliest Hair Accessory, Now for $95

The Missoni scrunchie is no less ugly than its predecessors. Photo by Net-a-PorterLike it or not, scrunchies are back. The must-have hair accessory of the late '80s and early '90s was memorably shunned by style icon Carrie Bradshaw on "Sex and the City," but recently it's been embraced by everyone from "It" model Cara Delevingne to Hillary Clinton to runway designers. Retailers are already cashing in on the scrunchie resurgence, with the fabric-covered elastics carried in a range of stores from CVS to American Apparel (they offer 21 varieties). Marc by Marc Jacobs is currently selling a bunch of trendy patterned scrunchies at upscale department stores like Bloomingdale's for a pricey $32, so perhaps a super high-end, designer scrunchie was inevitable.

Yes, the scrunchie. The lowly hairbands we collected in droves in our tween years are now sold on Net-a-Porter, the luxury online outlet we cannot afford to shop as grownups. The culprit: Missoni. The reason: the '90s are cool again. The reality: even typically swoon-worthy designers haven't cracked the code when it comes to making scrunchies attractive. Per the item description: "Embrace fashion's '90s revival with Missoni's colorful scrunchie. Crafted from mint satin with a white, pink and red crochet-knit overlay, this super elasticated, wide design won't snag your hair."

Kudos to Net-a-Porter for promoting hair health, but we don't think anyone needs a $95 (!) crocheted elastic to keep their hair in peak form this season. But perhaps we're missing something. Those with a penchant for fancy, overpriced '90s head gear have many options to choose from on Net-a-Porter, including these $185 rhinestone Jennifer Behr bobby pins, this $245 beaded Valentino hair clip, or this epic $1,825 velvet Dolce & Gabbana headband. As for us, we'll be stocking up on our tried-and-true 12-pack of Ouchless Goody elastics for $2.99 and saving our money for new fall clothes.

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