Hot Dog! Make a Superhero Cape for Your Furry Friend

Fur-ocious!Fur-ocious!Halloween costumes aren't just for the kids! This is a holiday for the whole family, including your pets. This no-sew doggy cape is an adorable and easy way to get your pup into the Halloween spirit.

Gold bias tape, wide double fold
Hook and loop fastener
Glue gun
Glue gun glue sticks

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1. Before you get started, you'll need to take a few measurements of your pup. You'll need: the circumference of the neck (or the length of the dog's collar), the length of the body from the collar to the base of the tail, and the circumference of the largest past of the torso.

2. Cut a rectangle of vinyl. Width should be Measurement 1, the length of the dog's collar. Length should be Measurement 2, the body length from collar to the base of the dog's tail.

3. Fold the vinyl in half lengthwise. Use a plate or another round object to trace rounded corners and cut the corners off.

4. Find a bowl or another round object that is approximately the same circumference as Measurement 1: the dog's collar or neck. With the vinyl still folded lengthwise, place the bowl a few inches down from the top of the cape so that half of the bowl is on the vinyl. Trace a half circle.

5. Cut out the half circle for the neck hole. Cut along the fold from the top of the cape to the neck hole.

6. Open the cape so it is right side up.

7. Now it's time to glue on the bias tape. Heat up your glue gun and prepare extra glue sticks. Start at the collar opening. Open the wide, double fold bias tape and begin gluing a little bit at a time around the outside of the cape. You are going to sandwich the vinyl inside the folded bias tape. It will be easier if you first glue the bottom of the bias tape to the wrong side of the fabric all the way around. Then, go back and glue the top of the bias tape to the right side of the vinyl. Do just a few inches at a time and lightly press down until the entire outside edge of the vinyl is lined with bias tape.

8. Add a fold at the collar, about halfway up. Pinch up an inch or so of vinyl, then lay it down so the fold faces the back of the cape. Glue the fold in place.

9. Use hot glue to hem the raw edges at the front of the cape.

10. Add gold bias tape to the collar. Leave several inches of extra bias tape hanging over the edge, and once again sandwich the vinyl between the bias tape.

11. Glue strips of hook and loop fastener to the loose ends of the collar bias tape. You may need to trim the fastener so that it fits in the tape. Also, I used black fastener here for visibility, but you may want to use white or another color that blends in better with the bias tape.

12. If you want to add a little bow to the front, loop a small piece of bias tape and then wrap a second piece around the center of the loop.

13. Glue the bow onto the collar fastener.

14. To keep the cape from flopping forward in front of the dog, you will also need a second "belt" around the dog's belly. Use Measurement 3: the dog's torso, and cut a piece of bias tape several inches longer than that measurement. Glue the center of the bias tape low on the wrong side of the cape. Add long Velcro strips so that it can be adjusted to comfortably fit around your pup's belly.

15. The cape is now ready for your dog to wear! Go save the world together!

- By Marigold Haske

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