How Cindy Crawford Stays Sexy At 44

When Cindy Crawford shares her tricks for staying wrinkle-free and flawless - we listen!

I had a chance to meet legendary supermodel Cindy Crawford last night at The London hotel in NYC to talk about her skincare line, Meaningful Beauty. Aside from a huge blow to my self-esteem (a picture was taken, and lesson learned: do not stand next to a supermodel when wearing flats) I left realizing that anti-aging products are key to looking like well, a model.

Although I do realize that other solutions like Botox are also a factor, Crawford has been using some form of Meaningful Beauty products since she was 28 - and those are hard results to deny. We talked with the beauty about her daily skincare regimen and must have products. To steal her beauty secrets, read on below.

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Your skin looks amazing! What is your daily skincare regimen?
After I shower, I use the Meaningful Beauty Cleanser, the pads for a bit of Glycolic acid, and then wait for a few minutes before applying one of the serums. I alternate between the firming serum and the brightening serum. And then I apply the day moisturizer everywhere, even on my chest and my hands - and then I can apply my makeup for the day.

Is there one product that you absolutely can't go without?
When I turned 35 I noticed that I started to get dark undereyes, so I would say that back then my must-haves would be sunscreen and concealer every day. But, from using the Meaningful Beauty products I've found that I don't have that darkness anymore, so I just use a drop of foundation on a daily basis. Lately I've found that I'm puffy under my eyes and I never used to be, so now we're making an eye serum for puffiness.

Like I said above, never stand next to a supermodel and expect a good picture. Photo: Laurel Moll,

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Most women think that anti-aging products don't need to be used until we're in our 30s or 40s. What age should we be starting?

Young! My daughter Kya, who's nine, uses the glowing serum before school in the morning and tells me how "glowy" her skin is. Not like she needs it...but...

In addition to Meaningful Beauty, how else do you keep your skin looking so great?
I get facials and microdermabrasion a couple of times a month - if I make the time for it - and I dry brush my skin everyday. I don't smoke, and I eat healthy 80 percent of the time. In regards to being healthy - the best thing Dr. Sebagh ever told me when we first met was to pick a weight that you can live comfortably at and stay there - otherwise you're stretching out your skin, and I've pretty much done just that.

And, what has been the biggest change to your beauty regimen as you've gotten older?
Maintenance. You don't skimp on the regimen as much. I want to live my life and not worry about searching for the next best thing, so I follow my regimen, and let it work.

Photo: Jordan Strauss, WireImage

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