How do we feel about colored contact lenses?

I know everyone was buzzing about these anime contact lenses yesterday, and I was tempted to just say next, but I realized that maybe this is a subject worth discussing (on a beauty site, anyway). In case you missed the brewhaha, the deal is that you can buy these colored contacts that are very prominently tinted in an extra-wide outer ring, which gives eyes the illusion of being extra-large and watery a la Trixie from Speed Racer or Sailor Moon. Um, yeah, really. Apparently, they're all the rage in parts of Asia, mostly in Japan, and after visiting and seeing some of the crazy--in a good way--styles those kids rock, I'm not surprised.

However, is it just me or do colored contacts always add a certain element of surprise--and not in a good way?

I don't think I've ever encountered a person with unnaturally flavored irises where it actually looked better than their actual eye color. Even when Naomi Campbell--who is so gorgeous you'd think she'd have no trouble--tries to pull them off she manages to look even more scary than usual. Thoughts?

P.S. If you--as millions of adolescent Japanese girls do--want to try to look like a cartoon character, be my guest. You can order "The Dolly Eye" here and more info here.

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