How Do You Kill Time On Fridays?

Fridays: Terrible for productivity, but great for random conversations a.k.a. attempts to kill time without actually doing work. Here's what my co-worker and I "worked" on this morning:

Beautygirl123: Hey

Lipstickaddict27: Hey, what's up?

Beautygirl123: You working?

Lipstickaddict27: HA! What do you think?

Beautygirl123: Yeah, seriously, I'm so bored, I've checked my FB page like 50 times already … any big plans for tonight?

Lipstickaddict27: Nah, I'm so boring, I'm probably going to sit at home, watch my Arrested Development DVDs and do a facial (well, my low-budg at-home version, like this, anyway)

Beautygirl123: Aw, well that doesn't sound SO bad, at least you won't be rocking any zits -- like I am right now :(

Lipstickaddict27: Oh please, it's all in your head, but if you're worried, just try these tips, they totally worked for me

Lipstickaddict27: So what are YOU doing tonight, miss exciting?

Beautygirl123: Friend's birthday party, I got a new dress for it :) but still not sure what to do with my hair and makeup, thoughts?

Lipstickaddict27: Oh! You should check this out, my friend wore her hair a different way every day for a month and like kept a diary, she did some pretty cute styles!

Beautygirl123: OMG, a different look every day? I would go crazy :)

Lipstickaddict27: LOL, yeah, she kinda did, but she said it was worth it … OK, makeup, hmmmmm …

Beautygirl123: What about this look? It's pretty crazy though, think I could pull it off?

Lipstickaddict27: Yikes! Well, it's not as INSANE as some of these horrible looks, but I think it's a lil over the top for your friend's party

Beautygirl123: Yeah, yeah, OK, I won't try to upstage the bday girl, what about this look instead?

Lipstickaddict27: Oooh, love it!! That would look so pretty on you!

Beautygirl123: Cool, I need to look HOT, Chris is going to be there …

Lipstickaddict27: Ew, the ex! Ugh, throw a drink in his face for me, wouldja?

Beautygirl123: LOL, that MIGHT put a damper on the party, but enough tequila and I may just do it :)

Lipstickaddict27: Awesome

Lipstickaddict27: Dangit! boss totally walked by and saw FB, IM and this up on my screen, maaaaaybe I should do some actual work, TTYL!

Beautygirl123: Ciao!