How Long Do You Wait To Wear New Clothes?

I have this friend, let's call her M, for whom new clothes are sacred. So sacred in fact she's compelled to wait several days, if not weeks, before wearing them. I think this has to do with prolonging the shopping high. Or maybe it's about deferring the pleasure that comes with wearing a brand new outfit. It's pretty alien behavior to me either way.

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I'm the person who might even walk out of the store wearing whatever I've just bought, or will come home and immediately put on a new garment just to waltz around the house (part of my gripe about having rubber soles put on a new pair of shoes is that it gets in the way of my instant gratification). But maybe waiting-before-wearing is a more common phenomena than I'd have thought. I'm curious: anyone out there with my friend M, or are you guys as impatient as I am?

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