How Long Have You Gone Without a Shower?

Last year I had the pleasure of contracting H1N1, otherwise known as the swine flu. Delirious with fever and coughing my brains out, I couldn't even get out of bed … which is why I didn't shower for an entire week. Everything was a blur, but I'm pretty sure my boyfriend stuck me in the bathtub around day five. I want to believe it was purely for medicinal reasons, but the fact that I was a snotty, stinky mess was probably the main reason. (It was only on day seven that I could stand up for a shower.)

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Apparently, some people think that's pretty gross. When I shared my little shower hiatus with my coworkers, they were a bit freaked out. Jane claimed she may have gone three days without a shower, but only on a weekend camping trip. For Sarah, it was just two days (and that was when she was sick). To cheer myself up, I did what any normal person does when they want confirmation that they're not the weirdest person out there. I posted on our Facebook page -- and let's just say I wasn't the longest shower holdout.

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Now I want to know: How long have you gone without a shower? And why?

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