How NOT to Look Like a Jersey Shore Cast Member on Spring Break

If you're about to jet off on an awesome spring break trip I have a couple things to say to you:

1. I'm insanely jealous and kind of hate you a tiny bit right now (just kidding … sorta).

2. Please leave your spandex micro-mini dress and 6-inch stilettos at home. You're spending the week on the beach, not the stage of a strip club.

I know it's tempting to pack the skimpiest outfits possible to increase your likelihood of free drinks and waived cover fees, but please know that it is possible to look cute/classy and still get that frat guy's room number. Just check out these spring break style dos and don'ts to see what I mean.

What to Pack:
A cute bathing suit (this style is chic, cheap and flattering on everyone)
Cat eye sunglasses -- the "it" style this spring
Wide brim hat
A cute bra, but no, it's not for what you think
A comfy sundress like this one
Suncreen! Unless you want ugly tan lines like these celebs?

What to Ditch:
Your entire makeup bag -- trust me, you only need these essentials
Your dangly earrings and statement necklace, they do not belong by the pool or beach
Anything patent leather, please hear this stylist's plea
Shorts that show more butt cheek than your bikini
Shirts cut so low, or cropped so high, that they show your belly button
. Seriously, just trust me.

Are you taking a spring break trip? What's on your packing list?

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