How to Dress Around an Oversized Statement Necklace

BBTimo_Bib.jpgA statement necklace is one of those pieces that needs little else to make the look complete. That's why when we saw this amazing Anna Sheffield/Timo Weiland necklace, we immediately thought 1) when can we have it? and 2) how do we dress around it?

Bing Bang designer Anna Sheffield, who just this summer churned out a Target collaboration, also worked on a small collection with accessories and clothing designer Timo Weiland (to accompany the spring 2010 collection), and one of the results was this bib necklace.

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Timo began his career in neckwear, so this collab was kind of natural. What started as a simple bow turned into a necklace when Anna adorned it with Bing Bang chains, she explained.

And how would Anna dress around the insanely beautiful leather, silk, satin, and brass piece? "In the presentation it was shown over Timo's sheer chiffon tank tops and I would wear it just like that...I love the idea of the bib necklace being so huge and such a part of the look," she says.

We'd pair it with an Old Navy tee, $10; J Brand jeggings, $159; and Victoria's Secret sandals, $85.

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