How to find the perfect pair of white jeans

I've been avoiding white pants for years, for the usual reasons: I'm worried they'd get dirty about five seconds after I put them on, and that they'd make me look bottom-heavy. This spring weather is making me reconsider, though. I love how fresh and crisp they look, and it would be nice to have an alternative to my usual dark-rinse denim.

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My friend Sam, who worked at a major denim brand for years and is a total jeans expert, says that she keeps her white jeans tight (in a pale hue, the looser the pair, the more frumpy the look, she says) and washes them with every wear to keep them pristine.

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J Brand's 10" Skinny might be it for me. They're slim and devoid of labels and obvious embroidery. They hit right around the ankle-to avoid stains, I don't want anything that would possibly drag on the ground or catch on my shoe. I'm picturing these with studded sandals and something along the lines of this Built By Wendy chambray shirt.

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