How to Find the Right Bra

4 easy steps to find a bra that will do wonders for your girls.
- Faye Brennan,

Back when I used to work at a lingerie store, women would always yell at me when I measured them for a new bra, saying, "You're wrong! There's no way I'm a D-cup!" But tape measures don't lie, and once these women tried on bras in their new size, they became believers.

"The fact is, most women wear the wrong bra size," says Anna Shnir, Bra Fit Expert at Panache, a leading lingerie company. "Many women never update their size from when they were first fit as teenagers. They still believe they are a 34B, even though they were 16-years old when they were measured."

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For the sake of your best assets, don't be the woman walking around in the wrong bra size. Instead, follow these steps to find a bra that fits you perfectly - your girls will thank you.

Step 1: Evaluate the bras you already own.
As a rule, you should be measured for your bra size at least once a year, according to Shnir. But, if you want to see if you really are wearing the wrong size first, here are Shnir's telltale signs it's time for a fitting:

-Your breasts spill out of the top, sides or bottom of your bra cups

- Your bra cups extend out away from your body

- You can fit more than two fingers between your body and your bra band

- The center wires of your bra don't lie flat against your sternum

- Your bra straps ride up your back or are constantly falling off your shoulders

Step 2: Get measured.
Stores like Victoria's Secret, Nordstrom, or any lingerie store are great places to go for a bra fitting. The sales associate helping you will make two measurements: one for your band size (around your waist, right under your bust), and one for your cup size (around the fullest part of your breasts).

Once the sales associate determines your new bra size, try your best not to scream, and remember: "Like any other clothing, bra sizes vary across brands," says Shnir. "Some run snug, while others are more generous. So, don't get too hung up on a band or letter size."

Step 3: Find a great everyday bra.
Now it's time to discover what a proper-fitting bra can do for you and your twins. As Shnir points out, for women who have been wearing the wrong size for quite some time, it may take a while to get used to, "but a right-size bra will feel perfectly delightful." Your first purchase should be a bra you can wear everyday underneath t-shirts and work clothes. Here are some excellent choices:

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For AA-A Cups:

Victoria's Secret Wear-Everywhere T-Shirt Demi Bra (2 for $32,

For B & C Cups:

Affinitas Intimates Amanda T-Shirt Bra ($18.99,

For D+ Cups:

Panache Porcelain Underwire Bra ($56,

For GG+ Cups:

Panache Tango Pure Underwire Balconnet Bra ($29.40,

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Step 4: Expand your bra collection.
Have a little fun while bra shopping and pick up styles in funky colors, fabrics, and cuts (don't forget one with a little extra lift!). Shnir advises that every woman should have at least one convertible and/or strapless bra, one "go-to" little black bra, and one wild bra in her collection. Here are some of our favorite styles:

Panache Evie Strapless Bra ($58,

Blush Morning Glory Convertible Bra ($34,

Amazing Lace Bra ($30,

Lejaby Capri Embroidered Spot Half Cup Push Up Bra ($47.35,

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And remember, when trying on different styles; give them the full comfort test. "Stretch your arms, and then lean front and forward," says Shnir. "Sit down and make sure nothing is poking or prodding, and bring a shirt to see the way the bra looks under clothing."

But most importantly, have fun! Whether your girls are big or small, AA or DDs, be proud of what you have and enjoy shopping for your two best friends.

Faye Brennan is assistant editor at BettyConfidential.

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