How to Get a Flatter Stomach With Clothes

By Michelle Kulas
Many women carry extra fat in their stomachs. The clothes that you wear can help you look smaller in your midsection. By paying special attention to the clothing that you choose, it's possible to get the illusion of a flatter stomach without actually losing any weight.

Step 1

Wear control-top pantyhose or a smooth body shaper under your clothes to flatten your stomach. In addition to smoothing out lumps and bumps, the sensation of these fabrics will help you remember to keep your stomach pulled in and to maintain good posture.

Step 2

Camouflage a large stomach with color. Pale or bright tops can draw the eye to your stomach. Stick with dark colors and small prints to make your stomach look flatter.

Step 3

Choose looser tops over more fitted tops. Body-skimming tops will cling to a flabby stomach area, while shirts and blouses that are slightly roomier will give the illusion that your stomach is flatter than it really is. Don't choose tops that are too bulky, however; too much extra fabric can make you look bigger overall.

Step 4

Wear pants and skirts with a high waistband to keep your tummy under control. Flat-front pants and wraparound skirts are good choices to help hold your stomach in and make it appear flatter. Do not, however, wear pants that are too tight, as they will simply cause an unattractive bulge over your waistband.

Step 5

Fool the eye into thinking that your stomach is flat by choosing blouses and dresses with high waists. Empire-waist and baby-doll dresses, for instance, draw the eye upward and can help to hide a tummy bulge.

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