How to Get Carrie Underwood's Hair

Has your hair flatlined? These insider secrets inflate a limp mane, leaving you with awesome, long-lasting volume. Plus: Try one of these hairstyles that show off your best asset.

1. To get Carrie Underwood's signature volume, Juan Carlos Maciques, celeb stylist at the Rita Hazan Salon in NYC, recommends washing hair with a volumizing shampoo, then applying conditioner to the ends only (you don't want to weigh down your roots).

2. Sandwich a towel around small sections of damp hair, and squeeze. Besides absorbing water, this roughs up the cuticles (hair's covering) so they don't lie flat. Plus: Find out how to make the prettiest ponytail.

3. After massaging a dime-size dollop of mousse (try L'Oréal Vive Pro Glossy Volume Mousse, $5) onto your scalp, blow-dry your roots while tugging at them for added height.

4. Clip up all hair but a 2-inch section. Hold a round brush under it and the dryer right above. Pull both tools downward simultaneously; twirl the brush at the ends to curl. Repeat until that part is dry and smooth. Here's how to master the bombshell blowout.

5. Continue this process until all your hair is dry. Now gather the strands above your ears and pull them toward the ceiling. Heat the roots for about 10 seconds, then hold hair in place until it's cool.

6. Push strands to one side of your head, blowing the roots again; switch sides and repeat. Now create your part, which will be full and fabulous. Love this look? Here are 11 more celeb hairstyles you should steal.

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