How to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

Making promises to finally get in shape, organize your home or eat healthy this year? No worries. no matter what your goal, we've found the products that will help you get there.

If Your Resolution Is...

To train for a marathon

After you hit your targeted six-mile-run mark, a victory lap in the tub with muscle relief bath soak will be in order.

Available at, $30.

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To shape up without working out
No need to sacrifice her hairdo at the gym: Fila resistance shorts compress and help tone glutes - no perspiration necessary.

Available at, $35.

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To finally organize your drawers

Rid your sock drawer of all things holey; a better view of a pretty, scented drawer liner is good incentive.

Available at, $25.

To go on more dates
A single-note musk scent such as Not a Perfume is sure to win over new suitors.

Available at, $85.

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To bring your lunch
The stackable snack caddy bento box serves as a friendly, colorful reminder to editorial intern Lauren to pack a lunch every day as promised.

Available at, $24.

To sit up straight
Balancing on a Gaiam chair may look silly at work, but it will tighten your core and have you walking tall in no time.

Available at, $99.

Arrive on time
The techy Zub Zen-H AZ 20 should keep your tardiness in check.

Available at, $150.

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