How to Look Better in Photos

You don't have to have the face or body of a model to look good in front of the lens. Following are seven simple, surefire ways to being ultra-photogenic and appearing fabulous the next time the camera flashes.

1. Stand Tall
Hunched shoulders and overall poor posture can add several pounds to your look. Not only does slouching make you appear shorter, but it also draws attention to any cushioning you may have in your mid-section. Create a thinner-and more confident-physique by standing straight with shoulders rolled back and chest pushed forward.

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2. Work Your Angles
According to professional photographer and America's Next Top Model's regular Nigel Barker, you can instantly shave pounds off your appearance by placing one hand on your hip and looking over your shoulder. Nigel explains, "You're twisting your silhouette…and creating lots of different angles on your body so that [the] eye immediately looks all over the body, not just at one spot."

3. Apply Flash-Friendly Makeup
While a dewy complexion looks great off camera, it can look greasy and blotchy in front of the lens. Avoid an oily appearance by applying a liquid foundation with a mattifying finish and setting it with a translucent powder like Urban Decay's De-Slick Mattifying Powder ($32 at Sephora). Next, contour your jawline lightly with bronzer to accentuate your chin and overall bone structure-which also niftily disguises that dreaded double chin. Go easy on the eye makeup to avoid the appearance of smaller peepers-or worse-raccoon eyes! Finally, finish with a red lipstick to make your teeth look even whiter-and your smile sparkle!

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4. Wear Vibrant Hues
A black ensemble can make you seemingly disappear in photos, while white-especially when worn close to the face-can wash out your skin tone. Embrace a solid vibrant hue on top to help you look less pale and washed out. Even better, wear the same color from head to toe, which gives you the appearance of an elongated body, since there are no broken lines. Plus, dressing all in one color is a hot trend for the season!

5. Put Your Best Foot Forward-Literally!

A trick long used by beauty pageant contestants and celebrities alike, placing one leg slightly in front of you creates a more confident stance and the illusion of a longer, leaner look.

6. Periodically Blot
Sometimes when the flash hits you at just the right-or in this case the wrong-spot, your skin's natural oils reflect directly back at the lens. Avoid a greasy-looking complexion by periodically dabbing blot paper on your face, paying particular attention to your T-zone (your forehead, nose, and upper lip), where perspiration tends to occur most. We're especially fond of Boscia Blotting Linens ($5 for 100 sheets on

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7. Direct the Photographer
If you follow just one tip, this is it: never let anyone shoot up at you. Ask the photographer to shoot from above, with the camera pointed down at you. This forces you to angle your head up, open your eyes wider, and straighten your posture. Plus, this trick makes your face the focal point of the picture, making your body appear smaller in comparison.

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