How To Make the Prettiest Ponytail

This style is so much more than a bad-hair-day fix. Sex it up with these red carpet-inspired tricks. In need of a hair makeover? This tool will help you get the right cut.

1. To get Shakira's sexy updo, prep first by blow-drying hair straight with a round brush, which will create volume at the roots and make strands supersmooth, according to Harry Josh, international creative consultant for John Frieda.

2. Use a paddle brush to remove any tangles, then comb your hair straight back so that you don't have a part.

3. Now tip your head back, and gather strands into a ponytail. Leaning creates volume plus prevents part lines and bumps. Plus: Hair That Gets You What You Want

4. When gathered hair is level with your eyes, secure it with an elastic band. Wrap it tight (shoot for three loops) so that the band doesn't sag and look sloppy.

5. Style your bangs - don't slick them back into the ponytail. And let short layers hang naturally, rather than forcing them into the elastic. A wispy, piecey look is sexy.

6. Section off the tail into three parts, and wrap each around a curling iron for 10 seconds. Gently brush out the curls for a bouncy, total bombshell effect. Check out 8 Hairstyles Men Love.

7. To fight frizz, pat a drop of John Frieda Root Awakening Strength Restoring Smoothing Lotion, $6.49, over your finished style.

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