How to Never Wear the Wrong Size Bra Again!

Studies frequently report up to 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. Meanwhile, an ill-fitting bra can feel uncomfortable and make you look heavier than you actually are! Following are the most common fit-related problems along with quick and easy solutions to ensure your bust looks and feels its best.

Problem: Your Bra Band Rides up in the Back
Solution: The band of your bra, i.e. the bottom part that wraps around your body, should be level all the way around your chest. If it's riding up your back, the band is too large and you should size down to solve the problem. But remember, cups aren't uniform across band sizes, so if you go down in band size (meaning the number part of the size, such as 32 or 38), you may need to opt for a larger cup size. For example, if you need to size down from a 36C, you will probably want to try a 34D. This is called "sister sizing" in the lingerie biz.

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Problem: Your Bra Doesn't Sit Flush Against Your Skin

Solution: A bra that doesn't sit flush against your chest in the center typically indicates you're wearing a bra with cups too small for your breasts. Try sizing up in the cups for a better fit. If the entire band is riding up, size down in the band, as suggested above.

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Problem: Your Breasts are Bulging at the Top of the Cups

Solution: If you're noticing the dreaded "quad boob" or "muffin top"-like chest issue, it means you need a larger cup size. If you generally wear a demi-bra (a bra with smaller half-cups), you might also want to try something more full-coverage, so there's no fabric cutting across your breasts.

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Problem: Your Bra Cups are Puckering
Solution: Puckering is caused by the bra cups not being full of breast tissue. If you're not hooking your bra on the final hook, try tightening the band first for a quick and easy fix. If that doesn't solve the problem, opt for a smaller cup size.

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Problem: Shoulder Straps Digging In

Solution: 90% of your support should come from the band and the cups, not the shoulder straps of your bra. If you're experiencing discomfort, redness, or indentations in your shoulders, there are a few things you can do to determine where to make the right adjustment. First, slip your straps off your shoulders. If your bra slips down, you should size down on the band and up on the cups. If your bra does stay in place, consider a style with thicker straps that will spread the weight across your shoulders and not dig in as much.

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