how to pull off looking glamorous with a budget

I'm on a budget right now big time..i take care of my priorities :bills,kids, and still manage to look trendy and well i have tops , great jeans and stilettos. so all i really do to make it appear to look like a new style is with new earrings, a necklace, or simply a new hair style...and let's not forget the make up i can either do it up or go for a glow.
i swear that seems to make people ask if it's a new outfit.
the most important things are the things that go on your face,feet, hair, body.
I look at magazines for ideas and go through my closet to see what i can put together...hey also resales are your best friends! outlets, antique malls for clutches, bracelets and little touches...
I was raised with limited things so therefore i tend to make the best out of what i do have.