How To Wear A Top Knot

From Fergie to Kim Kardashian, it looks like stars can't get enough of the top knot. And we're not surprised: It's a chic updo that takes virtually no time, and it's the perfect solution for a bad-hair day. The Black Eyed Peas singer sported this 'do with a fancy cocktail dress at an event in L.A. over the weekend, and Kim K. wore it with a strapless column gown to a gala in NYC last night. We're especially loving Kim's jumbo earrings-they balance out the hairstyle perfectly.

By Dawn Davis

To get the look, make sure your hair is completely smooth (mix some hairspray with shine serum for hold and sheen), pull it up into a high pony, twist the strands around and secure the knot with bobby pins.

What do you think of this look? Would you opt for big earrings or studs?

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