How to Wear Metallic Makeup for Your Eyes

For holiday season, don't be afraid to glitz up your eyes a bit by wearing a metallic eyeliner or shimmery eye shadow. Even if you're thinking, "I wore glitter in middle school/high school/college - never again!" you can still get away with a little sparkle here and there if you choose the right places. Here are tips for how to put a twinkle in your eye at every age.


For Katy Perry's bold look, rim your eyes with silver or gold shadow, says makeup artist Angelique Velez. Pair it with black eyeliner, a few coats of mascara and finish it off with a neutral pink or coral lip.


"If your eyes are your favorite feature, make them pop with a metallic liner," says MAC senior makeup artist Fatima Thomas. Naomi Campbell wears a sultry gunmetal gray hue.


Metallic blues and deep purples are some of hottest fall trends. If you want to turn on the brights like Sandra Bullock, use these electric hues as a liner instead of an eye shadow.


Allison Janney plays up her eyes with a blend of bronze, gold and champagne shimmers. To intensify this look, add a bit of black eyeliner.

Metallic Makeup Dos and Don'ts

  • DO wear a bit of silver liner in the inner corners of your eyes - this is an eye-brightening trick that all the pros use.
  • DON'T rely entirely on eye shadows for sparkle - check out liners and even mascaras that have shimmer already in them.
  • DO apply a primer over your lids to up your eye shadow's staying power.
  • DON'T underestimate the power of great tools - make sure you're using a good eye shadow brush so that you can blend and line flawlessly.

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