"Hunger Games" Merchandise for Rabid Fans

Photo by: cafe press
Katniss & Peeta & T-Shirt, $32.50
Like John & Paul & George & Ringo, but for YA novel characters.
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Fri, Mar 2, 2012 4:24 PM EST
We know "The Hunger Games" is a young adult book series, but we loved all three novels and are as excited for the March 23 movie debut as the next teen on team Peeta. It's clear the merchandising team believes "The Hunger Games" is the next "Twilight," because they are going overboard pushing Katniss t-shirts, mugs, clocks, baby clothes... you name it! While we admittedly might buy one of the tees, some of the "Hunger Games" gear is a little over the top. We browsed though about 1,000 items in the Cafe press official Hunger Games store to find 18 items only rabid fans could love. Let us know if you think "Hunger Games" is being over-hyped or if you'll be seeing the movie on opening night.

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