How to Make an Infinity Scarf in 3 Easy Steps

Making an Infinity Scarf in 3 Easy StepsMaking an Infinity Scarf in 3 Easy StepsI vividly remember the first time that I ever saw an infinity scarf. I received one for free from Charlotte Russe since my purchase equaled more than $30, or something like that. I was with my mother-in-law, and when they handed the scarf to me with my receipt, she was convinced they'd actually given me a mini tube skirt and was not thrilled about it.

We finally came to the conclusion that it was, in fact, a scarf and since then infinity scarves have become my go-to neck warmer. I'll always choose them over a standard scarf. The only issue is that I have a ton of regular scarves that I've collected over the years that now go unworn because I never wear that style anymore.

So with a quick snip and seam, I've turned them into infinity scarves one by one.

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Click through the slideshow below and let me show you how to do it - it's as easy as 1-2-3!

Start With a Regular Old Scarf
You probably haven't worn it in a while so it's time to bring it out of your closet again! Mine is from Downeast Basics, on sale for $12.99.

Step 1: Pin Into Place
Lay your scarf flat on the ground matching up the two ends, as shown in the photo above. Pin in place, making sure that the edges all meet up perfectly. My scarf doesn't have a right or wrong side, but if yours does, make sure you pin it with the right side facing outward.

Step 2: Cut Tassels and Sew a Straight Seam
If your scarf has tassels, cut them off with scissors or a rotary cutter. Then attach the two ends together with a straight seam. If your scarf is knitted, take care not to stretch as you sew. In fact, do the opposite and bunch the yarn together a little bit as you're going along. This will help the ends to stay the same width as the rest of your scarf instead of getting stretched out.

Step 3: Trim and Zig Zag
Trim off your seam allowance, then zig zag or serge the raw edge to keep it from fraying.

Done! Now double or single wrap it around your neck and rock it!

-By Merrick White

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