The Insanely High Cost of Being an "It" Girl

Paris Hilton and her sister Nicky Hilton are two of the most famous socialites. The pampered life of an "It" girl costs more than we'd ever imagined. With helicopter rides to the Hamptons (you think they actually sit in traffic?) and every lavish spa treatment you can imagine (Crème de La Mer is haphazardly slathered on like Jergens), we're astounded that even the 1% can afford such a lifestyle. 

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A recent New York Times article revealed an inside look at socialites and their lavish expenses. Tickets to swanky charity events? Those set them back as much as $5,000 apiece. This, of course, doesn't include their gowns ($100,000), personal car service ($40,000 per year) and the private publicists that maintain their extensive social calendars ($84,000). 

"The cost of being a socialite in NYC has undoubtedly risen over the past couple of years," Samantha Yanks, Editor-In-Chief of Hamptons Magazine, told Shine. "We now live in a time when being a 'socialite' has less to do with family lineage and more to do with how well people are able to brand themselves.In this day and age, it' more about being able to afford being a socialite." 

A huge part of being an "It" girl? Having your face, hair, and body camera ready at all times. Pricey facials, spray tans, and blowouts are as routine for these pampered ladies as grabbing coffee, so we did some sleuthing. We calculated the price of the average socialite's beauty routine per year and then tacked it on to the original stats. Let's see how it all adds up.

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Hair & Makeup  

-The Times reports that some socialites cut corners and get their makeup done at cosmetics counters for $50 per application. If done three times per week for a year that's $7,800. 

-Some makeup artists make house calls in case you're simply too busy to head to the salon., a site founded by socialite Lauren Remington Platt, offers bookings for a roster of about 30 hair and makeup artists who will travel to their client's office or home. For an evening hair and makeup look, charges start at $325. If you are going to a three event per week for a year you'd spend $50,700.

-False lashes are the only way to go when paparazzi is involved, and a full set from the Cortney Akai Lash Boutique starts at $350. A lash application once every month for a year is $4,200. 

-Socialites are apparently allergic to doing their own hair. Blowouts at the trendy Frederic Fekkai Salon on 5th Avenue start at $65. Three times a week would cost $10,140 a year. 

-Haircuts at Fekkai start at $125. You know when stylists suggest getting a trim every six weeks and you roll your eyes? Socialites actually listen. For them, a year's worth of haircuts come to $1,083.


-According to The Times, most socialites pay as much as much as $450 per week for a personal trainer at AKT in Motion, a gym popular with the Park Avenue ladies who lunch. A full year of workouts comes to $23,400.

 -A busy schedule of party hopping and whirlwind trips to St. Barths can be stressful, so clearly a personal masseuse is needed. According to, massage therapists in the United States make about $45,422 per year. 


Socialite-turned-reality TV star Olivia Palermo is a fan of the fancy skincare line SK-II. According to her blog My Beauty Gems, she uses the Facial Treatment Essence, Skin Signature Cream, and Facial Treatment Mask for a total of $570. Restocking these items three times a year would cost $1,710. 


When it comes to her nails, Palermo recommends the Parallel 1 Compendium at Spreeberg Nails & Cosmetics in Hamburg, Germany. It includes a manicure, pedicure, customized facial, hand treatment, and deep shoulder massage. "It's a flawless afternoon of extravagance at an approachable price point," contributor Andrea Mestrovic writes on Palermo's blog. Costs for this treatment are $188.54. While mere mortals may not travel to Germany for weekly manicures we wouldn't put it past socialites! Getting this luxe treatment once a week for a year costs $9,804.08. 

This beauty routine comes to $154,259.08 per year. Tack on the original Times figures on gowns, event tickets, transportation, and a publicist and you've got grand total of $383,259.08. Whew! We'll never complain about our $15 manicures again!

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