Introducing the Hood Thong... because what woman doesn’t need one?

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesHere on Shine we can't help but post about all the fashion that makes us sad. The latest entry to the wardrobe hall of shame is the Hood Thong, an item so ridiculous and inappropriate we couldn't even post a picture here, so you'll have to click over to the retailer,, to see it.

While Snuggies sort of serve a function, we can't seem to find a purpose for the Hood Thong, other than serving up one wicked wedgie. The company refers to it as "one of the most progressive, functional, temperature-controlled pieces of fashion around," but we think it's yet another gimmicky item created for the sole purpose of going viral on the internet. On that note, Lady Gaga has probably ordered five.

Can you come up with one practical reason why you'd need to wear the Hood Thong? Are you tired of gimmicky items, or do you laugh and forward them along to everyone you know?