Is Blake Lively the new Carrie Bradshaw?

CWCWWhile many fans of the "Sex and the City" series were disappointed by one or both of the following feature films, producers still view the franchise as a big money maker and refuse to let it die. Since Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte have gotten older and pretty much exhausted their characters, the idea for the next film is to travel back in time to Carrie Bradshaw's teen years. "There are no plans to bring SJP and the other girls back together in the old format," an insider told Grazia. "The prequel is about breathing new life into the story and exploring Carrie's first few months in NYC and the beginning of her relationship with an older man."

Apparently a big screen adaptation of Candace Bushnell's best-selling prequel book "The Carrie Diaries" is in the works, and the latest rumor is that "SATC" producer wants "Gossip Girl" star Blake Lively for the role of a young Carrie Bradshaw. Lively does seem like a good fit-she's blonde, she's regarded as highly fashionable (she has a new Chanel campaign in the works), she's confident handling sex scenes, and she's a trendsetter. But she's already a college student on "Gossip Girl." Would the 23-year-old actress really want to return to high school again?

Bushnell just completed a follow-up novel, "Summer in the City," which depicts 19-year-old Carrie's move from Connecticut to New York City, where we're guessing she meets a few of her famous friends. This book will apparently be made into a movie as well.

If they really are casting Serena van der Woodsen Blake Lively to play the role of Carrie, we hope her "Gossip Girl" costar Leighton Meester can come on board to play a teenage Charlotte York. After all, she could still rock Blair Waldorf's headband collection!

Would you be interested in seeing a "Sex and the City" movie prequel, or should producers let the franchise go?

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