Is Face Art The New Big Trend?

By Beth Shapouri, Glamour magazine

Between the star Leona Lewis has been sporting and the heart Shenae Grimes wore on her cheek over the weekend to the College Television Awards, I'm starting to wonder if face art is becoming a trend. And if it is, are you into it?

I suspect it's either a temporary tattoo or drawn in with an eyeliner pencil, which means that either way, this is a trend that would be really really easy to get in on on a random Monday. But would you want to? And is this something you've seen popping up recently, too? Are there ladies out there across the country with four leaf clovers and horseshoes and other Lucky Charms on their cheeks?

In other words, if this is a trend, do you vote it overall a Do or a Don't? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images