Is it bad to wash your hair every day?

QUESTION: Is it bad to wash your hair every day?

That depends on the kind of hair you have, says Los Angeles hairstylist Philip B. Hair is a dead by-product of your body and needs to be lubricated. When you wash your hair, you are stripping away the natural oils, which some people shouldn't do daily.

If you have oily hair, you may need to wash your hair every day to avoid oil buildup or the "greasies." Wash with a clarifying shampoo (we like Clinique Exceptionally Clean Shampoo) and avoid heavy conditioners, which will sit on the scalp and clog pores, causing scalp acne.

If your hair is normal or dry, you should be washing every two to three days. Brush your hair before showering to distribute the oils on your scalp. Then shampoo twice: first using a clarifying shampoo and then using a conditioning shampoo.

Try: Pert Clarifying Shampoo and Philip B African Shea Butter Shampoo.

If you have normal-to-dry hair and you choose to wash it every day, alternate between clarifying and conditioning conditioners to prevent buildup.

Try: ThermaSilk Heat Activated Daily Clarifying Conditioner and Rene Furterer Karité Nourishing Conditioning Cream.

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