Is it okay for adults to wear union suits?

A few weeks ago when we were in the throes of producing our annual Holiday Gift Guide (coming soon in Lucky's December issue!), a debate ensued in the office over union suits. They're basically onesies for grown-ups, and our camp was divided between those who found this concept totally appealing and those who found them, well, icky and infantilizing.

What about onesies that you wear out?

I'm all for them. There's something really comforting about the idea of lounging around at home ensconced in a soft knit. I get how this could be construed as babyish, though from another perspective, there's this whole old-school industrial vibe to them that feels really cool (and far more adult). My two favorites on the market right now are Alexander Wang's charcoal button-up thermal (love the little details like the sliver pocket on the front and the ruched hems, and overall this is so pared down you could get away with layering it under jeans to wear outside the house), and this navy and white striped version from J. Crew.

PS: Union suits didn't end up making the cut in our gift guide. It's not that the detractors triumphed (or at least that's what I like to tell myself) but ultimately we wrangled so many great items it was impossible to fit them all in. Stay tuned in a couple weeks for the December issue to hit newsstands.

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