Is the New "Charlie's Angels" Cast Better Dressed Than the Original?

Three beautiful women fighting crime in stilettos? Sign us up. On Thursday, the latest incarnation of "Charlie's Angels" is set to premiere on ABC. Starring Minka Kelly, Rachael Taylor, and Annie Ilonzeh, it's the third time these badass characters have been reinvented. And while it's fun to watch them karate kick the bad guys, we have to admit, the creative (and sexy) costumes are a big reason we like the Angels.

With the return of "Charlie's Angels," we decided to take a look at all three casts and their fashion choices.

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Charlie's Angels, 1976, Original T.V. Show

The ladies look surprisingly demure in this photo, but most of the time they were in skimpy costumes (necessary?) to solve crime, like a French maid, beauty pageant contestant, and roller derby girl. And that doesn't include all the times the girls were shown in bikinis or bra-less. No wonder the show was referred to as "Jiggle TV."

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Charlie's Angels, 2000, Film

With a sleek and updated look, these Angels could be found in button-down tops, tuxedo-style suits, and stilettos -- but that didn't mean they shied away from the sexy. The ladies donned skimpy lederhosen, very tight wet suits, and the most sexy prisoner uniforms we have ever seen.

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Charlie's Angels, 2011, T.V. Show

As for the newest show, we haven't gotten a good look at all the outfits, but it seems like these Angels prefer cocktail dresses that semi match -- though in the trailer we did see at least one French maid outfit. Will these newest Angels bring back "Jiggle TV.?" Or will they reinvent the fashion wheel?

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But first, tell us: Which "Charlie's Angels" cast do you like the best? And which is the most fashionable?