Is This the Perfect Wedding Dress?

Brides magazineOn a bride’s to-do list, finding the perfect wedding dress is a close second to finding the perfect guy.  So if you’re planning your nuptials (or just dreaming about it), you’ll be happy to know that the perfect dress exists, according to the results of a new poll conducted by Brides magazine in the U.K.

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The magazine polled 3,000 brides on what makes the ideal gown, and then asked British bridal designer Stephanie Allin to whip up the gorgeous results in just ten days.

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The gown will be unveiled on Friday at “Brides: The Show” in Battersea Park, South London and at $24,000, it’s not cheap. Here's a list of its coveted components.

Plain Chantilly lace: Thanks to Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen wedding gown made from French Chantilly and English Cluny lace, the holey material has revived its image and is no longer seen as Grandma’s fabric. “There are many different types of lace, but plain Chantilly, used in this dress, is the most traditional — it’s dainty, soft, and super-feminine,” Anja Winikka, website director at wedding website TheKnot, tells Yahoo Shine. “In this case, the designer added pops of lace to accentuate the skirt and waist, rather than drowning the dress in the fabric.” 

Capped sleeves: Although strapless dresses are the most popular wedding styles (the ability to pull and cinch them during fittings provides a more accurate impression of how the dress would look), according to Winikka, capped sleeves are universally flattering. “However, it’s important to note where the caps fall on the shoulder,” she says. “Since you’ll be dancing, spaghetti straps, like the ones pictured, hold the sheer sleeves in place.”
Sweetheart neckline: This popular style got its name from its heart-shaped curve of (it resembles top of a heart) and its cleavage-boosting effect. “We call this the flat-chested girl’s best friend because it gives the chest dimension,” says Winikka. “Designers are now edging away from plunging necklines and opting for a slight dip, which looks great, even on larger-chested women.” 

Fishtail skirt: Also known as a “mermaid silhouette” or a “fit to flare,” a skirt that’s cinched lower than the waist adds a dramatic element, Winikka explains. Fishtails work best on taller women who have more leg to work with, but shorter women can also pull it off by following this rule of thumb: “If you’re standing in the dress with your hands by your side, make sure it cinches where your fingertips end; otherwise, it may look awkward,” she says.

Corset top: “Corsets are wonderful because they flatten out the stomach area, producing a slimming effect,” says Winikka. “However, if you choose a corseted dress, try not to lose or gain much weight before the wedding because reconfiguring a corset is expensive, if not impossible,” she says. If you plan to shape up before your wedding, opt for a lace-up corset rather than one with buttons (pictured).

Cathedral-length veil: Many brides say that the minute they put on a veil, they feel like a classic bride, and a long, traditional one emphasizes that effect, says Winikka. The caveat: It may be difficult to dance or move around (or see!) while wearing a longer style, so at the reception, you can either ditch the veil or switch to a shorter version.   

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