J. Crew Summerweight Cashmere Cardigans: Best. Sweaters. Ever.

The summerweight cashmere cardigans from J.Crew are one of my all-time favorite wardrobe staples. The quality of the cashmere is on par with that of the fanciest, priciest of labels-so soft, fine, and appealingly sheer-so they're great for layering year-round. I've been steadily building my supply for years now, and I thought I'd finally reached the point where enough was actually enough until just a minute ago, when I saw that they're offering a new, modified silhouette that's longer and leaner with a V-neck and short sleeves. Now I might need one more to add to my collection, this time in goes-with-literally-anything heather gray. I think I might buy it one size up, so it's nice and loose, which would also complete my vision of the perfect slouchy tissue-thin cardigan to wear with leggings on the plane.

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