JC Penney's new sexist men's clothing ad (video)

By Joanna Douglas, Shine Staff

After their "I'm Too Pretty To Do My Homework" t-shirt snafu, JC Penney has made another fashion flub with a new sexist television ad. In an attempt to get men interested in shopping, the mass retailer uses a split-screen technique to display current fall clothing on one side, and the iconic scene of Phoebe Cates emerging from a swimming pool in 1982's "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" on the other. Seriously? This is even worse than the completely archaic method of placing hot babes on the hood of a car to sell automobiles. We're annoyed at the blatant sexism exhibited, but we're more appalled at the utter stupidity of this ad. Way to underestimate your customers, JC Penney. The commercial is called "Everybody Wins," but you failed miserably.

Also, when we were able to focus on the Van Heusen clothing we saw a terrible shirt, tie, and blue jeans combo. Is this ad promoting casual Fridays? Bad fashion from the early '90s? Double fail.

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