JeanPants: underwear that looks like denim

JeanPants are neither jeans nor pants. Photo courtesy of are neither jeans nor pants. Photo courtesy of these are not denim short shorts for men. They're underwear! JeanPants are boxer briefs from Japan designed to look like denim. Kind of like those denim Huggies diapers that were so popular last year.

We suppose they're sort of funny, but we'd think wearing them could get confusing. You know how you can always see the waistband of a man's underwear peeking over the top of his jeans? Now it will look like he's wearing another pair of jeans underneath. WEIRD! The retailer explains, "You can say so much about yourself with your choice of underwear, plus give yourself more confidence and panache, knowing that what you are wearing underneath is also original and funky." Can't argue with that.

Want a pair of JeanPants? Get them in Medium or Large for $61 including shipping right here.

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