Jennifer Lopez talks being a Goddess

Kevin Mazur / Wire ImageKevin Mazur / Wire ImageAs you may have heard, Jennifer Lopez is the first ever Global Ambassador for Venus razors. Yesterday she took some time out of her busy schedule as new "American Idol" host and stunning leg-flaunter to discuss her new relationship with the popular lady brand, and to explain exactly how she and every other woman can feel like a goddess inside and out.

Shine: You've had multiple fragrances and clothing lines, and done other endorsements before. What made you want to partner with a beauty brand like Venus?

Jennifer Lopez: When we sat down and I talked to all the women at Venus and Gillette I was very excited to hear what their idea was, which was this whole idea of a Goddess campaign and a Goddess fund. Of basically every woman being a goddess, having an inner goddess, and somehow tying that into raising money for women's educational charities. I love the messaging of it, of being the best that you can be and having that inner strength. That was really the linchpin that made me go, "OK! This sounds like something that could really be amazing and a great message to put out there." You know, if you're going to do something like this, for me, at this stage in my career, it has to be something awesome.

S: You've just redone the iconic song "Venus" (watch the video below). Was that fun for you? How do you think that song embodies the modern woman?

J.L. It's funny, they said "we want you to do the "Venus song," and I was like "really?! OK!" I think all women in a sense are Venus, the goddess of love. That's our job, right? To spread love, and to spread goodness, and beauty, and to mother, and nurture. So it makes perfect sense.

S: Why do you feel having silky smooth legs is important for a woman?

J.L.: I think it's about taking care of yourself. How you look on the outside is very much a reflection of who you are inside and how you're feeling inside. It's not necessarily about smooth and silky, it's about feeling groomed. It's about looking good. Those things go very hand-in-hand, and you can always tell those things by looking at somebody, you know? And that's something I feel goes along with being in touch with your inner goddess.

S: As a big celebrity in the public eye you may not be able to let yourself go, but when you have downtime do you prefer to dress comfortably and not wear makeup?

J.L.: That time for me is kind of a rejuvenation moment where I wear a lot of moisturizer, I don't put on a lot of makeup, I condition my hair, I take baths, I use a lot of oils. You know what I mean? Just kind of replenishing, because my skin and my hair and my legs and my feet… everything goes through so much running from here to there in six inch high heels. [Laughs] My legs are so tired! You definitely have to find that time to replenish, rejuvenate, walk around bare foot in your sweats. The whole thing.


S: Many women will confess they shave less in the winter since they're covered up…

J.L.: YES! Definitely! But I don't have that luxury... and if I go out I always have the Venus razor in my kit.

S: Do you ever find yourself doing a quick shave in the sink?

J.L.: Oh yes! Oh yes. For sure.

S: If you're going out do you always have a makeup artist take care of you?

J.L.: No, no, no. I can do my own makeup and hair. Usually on normal days I just do my own. Even if I'm going out to certain places, unless I'm going to a specific event where there's gonna be paparazzi and photos and all that then I feel that's part of my job and I get hair and makeup. But for the most part to go to parties, or dinner, or out with my friends I just do my own.

S: What is your regular beauty routine?

J.L.: I love my hair off my face, so I love doing a ponytail or a bun on my days off. That's really my look. Very moisturized skin, a little bit of mascara, a little bit of a black liner on the top only, and very fresh skin, and lipgloss.

S: Any particular brand of lipgloss? Everyone always wants to know what celebs use.

J.L.: Mmm… I use many different kinds. [Laughs] So many different colors, but I like nudes. I like a pale mouth. I'll wear red once in a while, and I always feel like it's not really me. It's fun sometimes, but I always come back to my look. Sometimes I even have more of a nude eye, but lately I've been experimenting with a darker eye. Mostly I like a neutral, healthy face.

S: Fashion-wise are there any spring trends you're looking forward to wearing? I see you have sequins on, which is pretty trendy.

J.L.: Is it? Well, sequins have always been trendy for me. [Laughs] I've always loved sparkle. I'm really feeling '70s right now and I don't know why…

S: That's the big thing this season!

J.L.: Is it? High-waisted flares, platforms, a slouchy handbag, you know what I mean? A little bit easier, but sexy. Very Lauren Hutton. I love that look.

S: Your heels are about six inches at least. How do you perform in those? Have you always been able to walk in high heels?

J.L.: I'm just one of those people who loves walking in heels. I love it. I took to it pretty quick. As a celebrity you can't think about it, just gotta do it. You definitely want the tall. I like feeling larger than life. I like the feeling of a six-inch heel. But I also like flats with black capris and a black turtleneck with my hair in a bun. That's my Audrey Hepburn look.

S: And how are you enjoying your time as a host on "American Idol" checking out some new, less-polished upcoming stars?

J.L.: I love it. I know what it's like on both sides of that table, so that helps me a lot. It's been a blast and we've had an amazing time.

Check out Jennifer Lopez's new Venus ad below!

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