Jennifer Lopez went gray at 23, how about you?

ThinkstockThinkstockJennifer Lopez, along with most celebrities, dyes her hair. Yup, those beautiful honey colored highlights are not natural. But what I didn't know was that J.Lo went gray at the tender age of 23! According to Digital Spy, People's most beautiful woman admitted this in a recent radio interview. "My mom and my dad both went gray at a young age and I did too," Lopez said. "At 23! Once I got started doing movies, I started to [go] gray."

We wrote about a study recently that found nearly one third of women under 30 are going gray-a 14% increase from 20 years ago, with a rise in stress possibly to blame. Really? One in three women under 30 are already going gray? I had no idea! So many ladies enjoy experimenting with hair color and getting highlights, it hadn't occurred to me that many of them were covering up their gray.

As for me, I just turned 30 and have no gray hairs yet, but when the time comes I will probably dye my hair too. Going gray is part of part of growing up, and we're lucky to have simple ways to cover it up if we should choose to do so. But with that said, I am curious... when did you start going gray? And if you have, do you now dye your hair to cover it up? Take our anonymous poll or reply in the comments!

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