Jeremy Scott's $500 Tighty Whitey Clutch? Sold Out!

By Tracey Lomrantz, Glamour magazine

Today from the department of truly bizarre accessories: Jeremy Scott's $500 "underpants" clutch! Who the heck would fork over such serious cash for an item this ridiculous? Lots of people, apparently.

Coco Perez recently discovered that this tighty whitey handbag, from Scott's spring 2011 collection, is completely sold out at Colette, the go-to French emporium of all things quirkily chic.

My guess is that gay party boys are the ones scooping 'em up, but you never know...maybe it's chic for Parisian girls to stow their stuff in at Fruit of the Loom lookalike these days!? What do you gals make of this thing? Would you ever carry a clutch that looked like a pair of men's underwear? Discuss!

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