Jessica Simpson is a fashion winner & the reason is obvious!

Jessica Simpson has been called many things over the years -- dumb, fat, annoying, untalented. She has rolled with it all and quietly kept plugging away, and it turns out she is having the last laugh. Simpson's fashion line is likely to hit $1 billion in sales in the next year.

Yes, you read that right. Little Miss "is this chicken or fish that I'm having" is laughing all the way to the bank and you know what? It kind of makes sense. Even on Newlyweds, the styles she wore, while oft mocked, were actually usually pretty cute and unique. Most importantly, she has a body that many non-celebrities (like me) can relate to.

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I remember watching MTV's Newlyweds in my early 20s and emulating her styles -- the backless overalls, the Shoshanna bikinis, the crocheted shawls. Her fashion sense has a natural accessibility that appeals to the "real woman." But it's not just the clothing, it's also Simpson herself. According to New York Magazine:

Jessica Simpson has never been about snob appeal. As her business manager, David Levin, explains, the original idea behind Simpson's fashion brands was this: A girl could go to the shopping mall with her mother and she'd have a great new outfit and still have some money left for lunch at McDonald's. She can look like Jessica Simpson, smell like Jessica Simpson, and she can afford it.

And in a world where celebrity fashion lines are doomed to failure -- Sarah Jessica Parker, Lindsay Lohan -- Simpson is selling as much as Michael Kors. Seriously.

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A decade ago, she was "a virgin from the Bible Belt" and now she is a fashion queen on par with the big boys. And I say good for her! She deserves it all! She has been through the ringer. She was called dumb in her Newlyweds days, fat after. Her love life has been splashed all over the tabloids, mostly tales of her constant heartbreak. She has been dumped by Adam Levine, John Mayer, and Dallas Cowboy Tony Romo.

Now she is back and this time, it's not with a cheesy song people will make fun of or with a bad relationship -- she is actually engaged to footballer Eric Johnson. Instead, she is on the cover of New York Magazine during Fashion Week for her unbridled success and no one could possibly be more deserving.

Do you think Simpson deserves it?

Written by Sasha Brown-Worsham for CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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