Jessica Szohr Talks Gossip Girl Wardrobe ("The Clothes Don't Always Make It Back...")

By Tracey Lomrantz, Glamour magazine

When I spotted Jessica Szohr wandering around Chris Benz's fall 2011 presentation yesterday afternoon, I had to stop her to talk about one of my absolute favorite subjects: The wardrobe on Gossip Girl!

She was looking simultaneously sexy and cute in a sheer embroidered top from Chris Benz with a sliver of black bra peeking out from underneath, and she was more than happy to indulge my breathless questions. First up? Her favorite outfit Vanessa has ever worn. "I think it would be this green Diane Von Furstenberg dress that we put over jeans. With a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, which is ridiculous because um, Vanessa could never afford those!" I also just haaaaad to know if they get to keep the clothes they wear on the show, like the Sex and the City gals did. "Well, it's hard because we don't always know when we're going to have to reshoot a scene," she said with a knowing little smile. "So you know, sometimes we have to hang onto stuff for a while in case we need it again. And okay yeah, the clothes don't always make it back to the wardrobe trailer!"

Color us insanely jealous (and officially girl crushing on the very sweet Jessica Szohr!). What the heck would you gals give to raid the Gossip Girl wardrobe closet!? Whose clothes pile would you dig into first? Discuss!
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